Magnitude Cafe and Roastery

Locally owned and operated

Italian : Dark Roast, Full strong flavour, hint of soft citrus acidity.
French : Dark Roast, full strong flavour, punch of medium citrus acidity
Espresso : Dark roast, full strong flavour, punch of medium acidity.
Colombian : Medium roast, full body, soft hazelnut and caramel finish.
Kenya : Medium roast, full body, earthy tones.
Kilimanjaro : Light roast, smooth crisp body, soft citrus acidity.
Blue Mountain : Medium-light roast, clear vibrant tones, sweet chocolate and vanilla.
To get the best result from your coffee beans, always use fresh beans that have been stored in a dark cool place, as this will assure that you can get the best from beans.
Grind your beans as you need them as this will also ensure that the taste is fresh and clean, as the ground coffee can go stale if left in the open air.
Always use a grinder and that has been well maintained and the burrs are clean as well as the espresso, filter or plunger is clean otherwise the best coffee can taste less than perfect.
Make sure that the amount of ground coffee matches the amount water used otherwise you may over extract and this will cause an excess of bitterness.